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SHE Empowerment coaching has had an incredible opportunity to work with some amazing women. Here is what they are saying.


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What Others Are Sharing

Rana Saleh

Before Coaching, I rated my confidence at a 2/10. I was unaware of my emotions, I would entertain any passing thought and allow it to conquer my mind and actions. I had minimal self worth and sought my self worth outwardly. I looked to others to validate myself. I was not even aware of all of these things, I just knew there was something missing but I didn’t know where or how to start. 

Through coaching, I achieved clarity, self awareness, I learnt to respect myself and control my thoughts, and I realised that  I hold the reigns to my feelings. What I was seeking outwardly, I now found within. I was enough for myself!

I feel more confident in myself and this has allowed me to have better relationships with others and especially my Lord. 

Hannah is born for coaching. She helped me achieve things I never thought were achievable. She is sincere and excellent at what she does. I always thought that’s just how I am. She helped me take control of my thoughts and how I perceive myself. I would look forward to all my sessions and couldn’t wait to unpack my mind! I would highly recommend her, in such a short amount of time I got to know a new and improved me!

Before I started with Hannah, I had three very important areas of my life which I was not paying attention to. I knew I had to start improving those areas to feel like myself again, but I was stuck, there was some sort of mental block that I just couldn’t understand. And even when I thought I knew what it was, I felt like I couldn’t take the steps to overcome it.

Once I experienced coaching with Hannah, I started to understand myself a lot more and the mental process I experience when doing anything in my life, which gave me the ability to be mentally present. I noticed that there is so much that I could do once Hannah gave me the strategies to use in order to work on my own metal blocks. It was the most incredible experience where I started to believe in my own potential in a way that I don’t think I ever have. I am so grateful for Hannah and so honoured that she was my coach.

I would highly recommend investing in coaching with SHE Empowerment Coaching to anyone who wants to gain tools that they can use personally and professionally to be aware of what is lacking in their life, to improve it and gain purpose once again. There is nothing like investing in improving yourself in order to be the best version of YOU and then doing something great with your life.

Semaa Abdul Wali

Before I started coaching with Hannah, I felt down and unmotivated as I wasn’t able to find the underlying cause of what made me feel that way. Once I started coaching with Hannah, I started to believe in myself and realised what I  could improve on to be more productive and motivated. I was constantly finding myself in a brain fog prior to coaching which I was unable to express to anyone, Hannah helped me find the words to describe myself. 

Since completing coaching, I have realised that I’m able to get so many things done throughout the day, and I have a clear goal which I’m able to work towards with a strong mindset that I am able to achieve anything. I am certainly more productive with getting things done as well!I feel that I am empowered, confident in all I do and brave enough to conquer anything. 

I would highly recommend Hannah to everyone who is in need of a coach, she has all the tools to improve anything which people need to improve aspects within their life. She is very understanding and makes things very clear from the start. She has helped me with shaping my life around many things, and I’m sure many others would benefit from her as well!  Highly recommend!

Lynn Chatila

Before coaching, I would generally consider myself a fairly organised person, however, I felt a little stuck and overwhelmed with all the changes I’m currently experiencing in, what I consider to be, a new life transition. I felt quite scattered and unsure on how I could better organise myself and my mind to tackle the things I needed to do.

Through coaching, I believe I achieved clarity in how to approach this next stage of my life. I wanted clarity to ultimately feel a better sense of calmness and to feel more grounded within myself.

I still feel that I’m carrying the same feelings as I initially did from the coaching session. I found the process itself cathartic, so I often go through the same process of questioning if I begin to feel overwhelmed or stuck again.

There is always something to benefit from a coaching session, whether you have a profound result or even a small epiphany to take away, but the benefits will continue to ripple on in your day-to-day life. Hannah really helped me realise the things that I was already utilising within my life, and addressed my concerns with a very strengths based approach. She helped me reset my mindset by fleshing out my anxieties and processing them in bite sized chunks. Hannah is also warm, gentle and objective in a way that I’ve found assists in growth whilst feeling supported. I would highly recommend anyone to do a coaching session. 

Intan Endah-Bonsu

Want to find out the areas in your life where you feel stuck and how that is affecting your balance?

Want to find out the areas in your life where you feel stuck and how that is affecting your balance?

Want to empower yourself to make conscious choices about how you lead your own life?

Where are you stuck right now?

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